Rediscover Direct Mail

The UK Government’s decision to spend more than £9 million on sending a leaflet to every UK household has certainly caught the headlines recently. Whilst the content of the brochure detailing the Government’s position on the EU referendum remains contentious, the decision to use ‘good old fashioned’ direct mail has been widely accepted by commentators as a good way of reaching their target audience.

According to figures from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) direct mail still outperforms digital channels by a considerable distance. Direct mail achieves a 3.7% response rate with a house list, and a 1.0% response rate with a prospect list. All digital channels combined only achieve a 0.62% response rate – See more at:

Given this information it is not surprising that so many businesses are returning to direct mail to communicate with existing customers and prospecting for new ones. Unlike the Government’s mailing to 27 million households, for many businesses success lies in personalised and specifically targeted mailing in much smaller volumes. Successful direct mail campaigns can work on volumes as low as 500 at a cost of 60p for the combined print and postage of the item.

The underlying point is that direct mail works, and the UK Government have invested £9 million precisely for this reason. Even if your agenda (and budget) are on a slightly smaller scale direct mail can work for you if done in the right way.