It’s Got Your Name On It

Few people will argue that there are some essential marketing resources that every business needs; business cards, letterheads, some corporate brochures and a website are pretty standard requirements. The important thing to remember is that as soon as you add your company name to your marketing collateral, something magical happens. A simple business card suddenly becomes ‘your business card’ and that instantly says something about you.

In fact, everything you produce that uses your brand says something about you – have you thought about what that is? For example, I recently met someone who gave me their business card, they seemed very nice, friendly and presentable. The card itself was clearly a DIY effort, the quality of the print wasn’t great, the layout was poor and the card itself was quite flimsy – I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed. I started to think that this person’s business was probably a bit ‘tin-pot’, perhaps not very well funded so needed to cut corners, but not really the sort of company I would feel happy working with.

Whether or not my assumptions are correct is up for debate, but as a potential customer of this individual’s business, the message I received from this simple business card, is not what I expect they wish to convey. Did the card contain all of her contact details? Yes. Does it fit the description of a business card? Yes. But what it doesn’t do is convince me that this is a business I want to work with.

If a business card can go so wrong (and it all too often does) what about the slightly more complex items like your website or company brochure? When you add your company name to anything, always take a figurative step back and ask ‘what does this say about my business?’ You want it to be right, after all it’s got your name on it.