Beating the ‘Big Boys’ at their Own Game

Leicester City pulled of the most amazing feat in English football history when they beat off all of the so called ‘top four’ clubs to win the Premiership for the first time in the club’s history. This is a massive sporting upset that continues to be dissected in an attempt to understand how a club with comparatively limited resources can beat off rivals with significantly larger budgets and theoretically more talented players.

The moral victory here is that money wasn’t the deciding factor – it was something else. Some are lauding team spirit, others are citing the manager, but the undeniable fact is that Leicester have proven you don’t need to have the deepest pockets to come out on top.

A belief that being the best doesn’t have to mean the most expensive is something that this footballing story can tell us about business. When JNB Publishing started out we had a job on our hands to convince people to take us seriously and we did everything we could to compete at the top with far less cash than our competitors. The concept of ‘punching above your weight’ is something we share with many of our customers; providing scalable solutions that help theme complete with ‘the big boys’. Why should the best marketing resources only be available to the market leaders? We don’t think they should be.

We have always tried to find alternative ways of achieving the end goal in the most cost effective manner and Leicester has reminded us all that creativity and efficiency can provide a greater competitive advantage than the biggest budget. Providing scalability, creative solutions and applying different methods can do the same for your marketing budget so that you can be a winner irrespective of your bank balance.