Traditional Hertfordshire Book

Traditional Hertfordshire was a partnership project involving six museums and organisations from across Hertfordshire that researched the traditions and stories which contribute to the culture of their locality. This resulted in a series of exhibitions, workshops and events held by each of the project partners which attracted more than 20,000 visitors. The project aimed to help visitors learn about the traditions which give Hertfordshire its sense of place.

To ensure that this rich body of research into the locality could be preserved, JNB Publishing was approached to convert the content into a book. This involved curating all of the different elements of the exhibitions and pulling it together into something that would work as a book. Using the existing Traditional Hertfordshire design elements JNB developed the concept, set the text, designed the book and then printed the book.

Requiring only a small number of books initially, JNB digitally printed 100 books in full colour with a gloss laminated outer cover. The result was a bright, attractive and professional looking book that was distributed to the organisations involved. A catalogue record of the book is also available from the British Library.

The project has provided a springboard for further research and projects inspired by the theme of Traditional Hertfordshire. From proposed post graduate courses at the University of Hertfordshire to integral elements of the Hertfordshire’s Year of Culture in 2020, the theme of Traditional Hertfordshire goes some way towards demonstrating the value of folk history and heritage for capturing imaginations and accessing the past.