Starting Solids Resource Pack

Anyone with children will testify to the difficulties your ‘bundle of joy’ can bring as you embark on the journey of becoming a parent. We are reassured that everything comes in stages and one of the most challenging can be weaning your baby from a diet based entirely on milk, to a well balanced diet that will support their continued growth.

When Flying Start required a Starting Solids resource pack, to be used by professionals when discussing the subject of weaning with parents, they came to JNB Publishing. Having recently completed Tubes of Life – a similar project on the subject of infant sleeping, our experience in creating engaging and informative resources for use by health professionals played a major factor in choosing JNB Publishing for the project.

Our brief was to create a presenter to display key messages on the side viewed by the parent, with the main content displayed on the reverse as it is viewed by the health professional. Previously these resources had been A4 with a cardboard easel to make it easy to display, however in this case the presenter needed to be A3.

Designing the presentation required the information to be visually engaging to the parent whilst retaining complete retention of the factual information. We worked closely with the client to fully understand the subject matter to ensure the aesthetics of the design supported the core messages.

The presenters were printed in two sizes; A4 with an internal easel and A3 which was supplied in a PVC ring bound presentation case. Both are extremely portable enabling health professionals to take the presenters with them to community centres and parent’s homes to provide invaluable information as their child starts with solid foods.