Plated Menu Launch

We eat with our eyes and the visual engagement that whets your appetite begins long before the food is even prepared; it starts with the menu. All purchases are emotionally driven, none more instinctively than the the food we eat. The menu is at the heart of this process using descriptions, design, imagery and the physical attributes to elicit an emotional response within us.

With a reputation for traditional dishes and generous portions, the Pines Hotel restaurant is popular with hotel residents but lacked an identity to attract the general public. The Pines Hotel came to JNB Publishing for help with the development of a new dining concept for the restaurant, that would help them attract a wider, local audience.

Our creative team brainstormed the brief to develop a concept that would form the basis of an overall advertising campaign. The result was ‘Plated’ a visual theme that runs through external advertising boards, the main menu, takeaway menu, point-of-sale and a range of digital assets.

Durability is always a priority to our clients when printing a menu. The Pines chose a synthetic print material that offers water resistant and tear-proof properties. This makes the menu very durable, with the ability to be wiped clean and is superior to a traditionally printed and laminated menu. This was complemented by tent cards displayed on tables within the bar and restaurant areas to engage existing customers.

A low-cost take-away derivative of the menu was printed for passing trade whilst the ‘Plated’ theme was advertised online and via social media to connect to a wider audience. A large wall mounted menu was designed, produced and displayed, supported with video motion graphics on large digital displays throughout the venue.

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