Money Money Money

We like a challenge and every now and then we get one. Sometimes an unusual job, it’s a short turnaround and occasionally it’s a very limited budget. On this occasion it was all three at the same time!

One of our very much beloved customers dropped us an email, requesting some custom ‘play-money’ to be used at an upcoming event. The budget was small, and they needed then the next day. Despite the short lead time and restricted funds, we knew it wouldn’t be a problem and came up with a solution immediately.

Within a few hours we had the artwork approved and by the close of play the job was printed and ready to collect. It wasn’t a big order or particularly complicated, just something that our client needed, and we gladly supplied. This is the epitome of what JNB is all about – here for when we are needed like a card up your sleeve or a fairy godmother.

Of course, we were brimming with pride to know we had helped our customer and in such a short amount of time. Admittedly, seeing the stacks of fake money as they were prepared for collection, I couldn’t help but wish we could print the real thing.