How far can you take a concept?

Successful interior design concepts contribute massively to the overall customer experience. If you have ever entered a bar or restaurant that captures your imagination and makes you feel something, just by the surroundings, you will know what we’re talking about.

The Leaside Hotel in Luton has been developing their Gin Snug concept, based on the idea of ‘industrial alcohol’ with the use of metalwork, rustic materials and distressed hardware. It is a concept that continues to evolve with regular guests of the hotel, bar and restaurant often noticing subtle changes as the concept develops further.

Having been involved with the concept from inception, JNB Publishing has enabled the expansion of the theme in many ways; the most recent being in the newly refurbished washrooms. Visual cues to distillery, brewing and fermentation, applied to the walls brings the essence of the concept through from the bar. Installing graphics into corners creates an interesting affect – which adds to the overall experience of visiting the venue.

Examples like this show that an inspiring concept can be applied and developed continually. How far a great concept go? Anywhere.