Fitness Station Install

The gym and Inspire Sports Village recently underwent an equipment upgrade that has introduced a range of ‘smart’ exercise machines. Besides offering users a range of different workouts to suit their individual goal, the equipment can also be linked to their mobile phone or tablet via an app. Members can download the app to create personalised workouts with the ability to set and monitor weekly goals.

To engage with members and to promote this new technology a ‘Life Fitness Station’ has been created and JNB Publishing was approached to design and install the graphics. The display consists of a digital screen with a graphic surround and two tablets that will be used by staff to help members create accounts to use the app.

Our team created the graphics working with the manufacturer’s brand guidelines and fitted the graphics to neatly fit around the existing screen. This job was designed, produced and installed by JNB Publishing which gave the client a complete one-stop solution for the project.