Active Luton Signage

Signage solutions need to be clear, effective and durable, so when Active Luton needed some internal and external signage they came to JNB Publishing. Having partnered with JNB on a huge range of projects, Active Luton know that our work is good, and our signs are built to last.

Directional signage may not be the most creative work we produce but it is an essential to helping visitors to the leisure centres find their way around. Active Luton operate several leisure centres, gyms and swimming pools throughout Luton each requiring clear directional signage inside and outside the facilities.

This week we created signage to first aid facilities, football pitches and tennis courts – all of which were produced on aluminium composite material which is both light-weight and durable. Each sign is sealed with a textured anti-graffiti laminate to protect the surface form the elements as well as potential vandalism. We manufacture the signs to any size and can provide a range of fixings suitable for Herras fencing or wall mounting.