A Load of Rubbish!

We are not the sort of company to trash our own work but this week our work has been rubbish. In fact, before we ‘litter’ this post with refuse related puns, let us clarify that this week we supplied The Galaxy Centre with custom branded litter bins. Perhaps not the most glamorous work we are involved with, yet the end result is something to be proud of.

The Galaxy comprises of leisure and entertainment related tenants including cinema, restaurants, bowling, bar and gym. As tenants change and businesses re-brand the internal signage needs to be updated to reflect this. The existing bins were looking very tired and needed replacing, so JNB was asked to design and supply the replacements. Having been involved with the directional signage and the ongoing marketing communications for The Galaxy, we were of course delighted to help.

Whilst bins may not be the most inspiring subject for creative, our designers were able to create something that ties in with the branding and offers a subtle, tongue-in-cheek reference their use. This was printed onto a permanent vinyl with a protective anti-graffiti laminate to add durability and protection. We applied the vinyl and applied them to large commercial litter bins – the end result was something that improves the overall appearance of the foyer where they are used. Not bad for a load of rubbish.