Capital & Regional recently gave us the eggciting (OK, no more egg puns) opportunity to work on the Easter Campaign for their Mall branded shopping centres. Each centre operates a ‘Kids Club’ to enhancing the shopping experience for families visiting the popular shopping malls. As part of the promotion, JNB was asked to suggest some gift ideas that would tie-in with Easter, appeal to kids and fit within the budget.

We suggested a mini egg box filled with quail-sized, hollow chocolate eggs, neatly wrapped in a full colour branded outer sleeve. This is a relatively new item that has proven extremely popular, so we were confident that this would be the perfect solution. The custom printed card wrap-around provides a large branding opportunity and was matched to the overall Easter creative campaign.

This demonstrates the importance of using promotional items that support the overall marketing communications objectives and appeal strongly to the target audience. Perhaps it helps tiny little egg boxed do look quite cute, or maybe its just that everyone loves a chocolate egg at Easter.