It’s Got Your Name On It


Few people will argue that there are some essential marketing resources that every business needs; business cards, letterheads, some corporate brochures and a website are pretty standard requirements. The important thing to remember is that as soon as you add your company name to your marketing collateral, something magical happens. A simple business card suddenly [...]

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Rediscover Direct Mail


The UK Government’s decision to spend more than £9 million on sending a leaflet to every UK household has certainly caught the headlines recently. Whilst the content of the brochure detailing the Government’s position on the EU referendum remains contentious, the decision to use ‘good old fashioned’ direct mail has been widely accepted by commentators [...]

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Paperback Book Sales Increase


James Daunt, Chief Executive of the Waternstones book retailer discussed the increase in paperback book sales on BBC Radio 5Live and why he feels the resurgence is taking place. With sales of printed books up 5% it seems the erosion of the market to eBooks on devices like the Kindle has halted, so why are [...]

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