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Logo Design

In addition to creating a logo, our designers can develop a corporate identity for your business or organisation detailing colour palettes, fonts, positioning and examples of how your brand will be visually represented.

A corporate identity is invaluable when working across various platforms and with different designers to ensure all visual communications are consistent. We provide a set of brand guidelines as part of the process which you can make available to anyone that will be using your logo, brand or corporate identity.

  • Bespoke design (we don’t use templates)
  • Vector format to ensure zero quality degradation
  • Supplied in .eps, ‘jpg and .pdf files
  • Full copyright transfer on completion

Need Help?

Need professional help with your design? We have a team of creative and highly skilled graphic designers ready to work on your project. Our design service is fully bespoke, we don’t use templates or recycle existing artwork – every job is designed with the customer and target audience in mind. Unlike on-line template design websites, you will receive professional advice and creative design that will result in effective and commercial artwork.
Vector based filesĀ Supplied in RGB and CMYK colour modes transfer of copyright included
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